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PZB Live female DJ DJ pzb Peazy Peezy DJ PZ #pzblive

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PZB Live

Latest Release


  • Live From Her DJ Booth (Season 1)

    January 1, 1970  /  PZB Read more
  • Live From Her DJ Booth (Calirock Studios)

    January 1, 1970  /  PZB

Calirock Ent

Calirock Entertainment

Management Contact: Brandon D. Nelson 702-816-7526 Office: PO Box 35336 Las Vegas, NV 89133 702-466-9130    

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Woop Di Woop

In The Place To Be

Goin’ Azy

Wasted Talent (2019)

Baptized in the Funk (2016/19)

L.A. Girl (2010)

The Valedictorian (2007)